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PGB Awarded Skoch 'Order of Merit' for FI Services on 20.06.2014

PGB awarded Merit Certificate fron SKOCH in recogintion to PGB FI Services during 2013.

PGB awarded FI SKOCH 2012 Award

Recognizing our FI services, NABARD has awarded our Bank, on 20.07.2014.

Recognizing our services, NABARD has awarded our Bank, 'State Award 2012' on 05.03.2013.

PGB FI Services
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BCAs at all 83 BC locations stands deployed.


PGB BC Services

PGB is having network of 264 branches across 13 districts of Punjab. 1434 villages covering 1359 Gram Panchayats have been allocated to our Bank.


These 1434 villages have been mapped with 244 SSAs (Sub Service Area). 244 SSAs are further mapped with existing branches as well with BC Locations as under:


SSAs mapped with existing brancehs: 161

SSAs mapped with BC Locations: 83


For providing IT based BC Services to the beneficeries at the 83 SSA Locations, We have taken the services of CSC e goverance (India) Ltd., AISECT and Genpact( India). BCAs from these agencies have been engaged and deployed at all the 83 loactions.


Detail of the BCAs engaed and deployed (Agency wise) is as under;


For detail of BCAs engaged through AISECT --- Click here


For detail of BCAs enaged through Genpect (india) --- Click here


For detail of BCAs enaged through CSC egoverance(india) ltd. -------- --------------------------- Click here