PGB Scheme for Financing Commercial Dairy




To promote commercial dairy farming in Punjab and to set up Commercial Dairy (Loan Amount Rs.10 Lacs and above)



15% of the project cost. Subsidy if any, labour and materials etc. contributed by the farmer will be treated towards building of margin


Extent of Loan

Need based



In 7 years in 78 months monthly installments with a moratorium period of 6 months


Other Terms & Conditions

1.         The applications will be sponsored by Dairy Development Department, Punjab under tie up arrangement.
2.         The cattle shed have to be built up as per the design and other specifications of the department.
3.         The farmers should have undertaken a training of 15/45 days from Dairy Development Department Punjab/ Punjab Dairy Development Board/ Guru AngadDev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University/ Punjab Agriculture University in the maintenance of milch animals.
4.         The farmers are free to purchase the animals from the market. The process of purchase of animals has been relaxed and the farmers are free to purchase the animals in stages depending upon the availability of good animals in the Market/ Mandi/ Cattle Fair.





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